Each service attests to the true presence and power of God as individuals give praise and honor to the Most High.  Prophet Rick  & Elect Lady Evonite Smith serve faithful as founder and Elect Lady for approximately 12 years. God gave prophet the name of the ministry.which spoke volumes to me. As being the leader of this thriving ministry, it has been a great honor and privilege in building strong lives, changing mindsets, empowering self sufficiency, provoking thinkers, impacting hearts, and challenging potential for greatness.

NO one can just come one time to the Worship Deliverance Praise Tabernacle! But, those that come each week are hungering and thirsting after righteousness – to be filled! We are excited in knowing that God has a plan and purpose for our ministry in the central area of Illinois and have proven to us no matter where you may reside He is yet God world-wide. We are His remnant that will not back down but stand bold as a prophetic generation to decree what He has ordained for us in His Word! 

We welcome each of you to our life-changing services! We are confident that God will touch you, speak to you, help you, strengthen you, restore you and ultimately make you a new upon your visit because the Cathedral is not where God is invited but where He dwells! Come  in connect with the vision of this house a nd find out where you can begin to serve and the leaders of the house will prepare you.

  • Usher Ministry
  • Armor bearer
  • Deacon Ministry 
  • Praise Team Ministry
  • Praise Dance Team Ministry
  • Mime Ministry 
  • Puppetry Ministry (Coming Soon)
  • Adjutant Ministry
  • Perimeter Security Ministry
  • Van Driver Ministry
  • Elders Team Ministry
  • Ministers Team Ministry
  • Money Counters /Finance Team Ministry
  • Business Affairs /Administrators Ministry
  • House Guard Ministry
  • Keeper of  the Sanctuary Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Nurse Ministry
  • Worship Team Ministry
  • Bereavement Ministry
  • Evangelistic Ministry