net work 2Network is a compound word of two words “net” and “work”.     A net can commonly be referred to as a nesh of rope like substance intertwine to hold a large amount  of fish used by fisherman to throw out in the water. The men with the net are working the net to obtain large quantities of fish. Prophet Ricky R. Smith and Elect Lady Evonite Smith are casting their net beyond to borders of springfield illinois in hopes of embracing other sons and daughters who might not live in the city.  WDPT Network is an extended arm of compassion where to senior leaders reach out to embrace those who may living 60-100 miles or more and provide covering for them.  In some cases, there are individuals who desire covering for either their existing or newly established church. Needless to say, Prophet Ricky R Smith and Elect Lady Evonite Smith are waiting with open arms to embrace you.

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