churchlogoAnd who do men say he is? Some call him Pastor. Others relate to him as “The Prophet”. And many have even titled him “A Radical & Raw Preacher.” Ricky R. Smith is a respected prophetic voice God has divinely chosen to carry the genetic imprint and characteristics of A New Breed. He is the founder of Worship Deliverance Praise Tabernacle, Inc., which is also known as “The House of Praise and Worship” in Springfield Illinois. WDPT is a global ministry with Prophets Mantle established to help build individual character and ministries of integrity by supplying a spiritual impartation and to maximize potential and alignment to fulfill purpose, dreams, and visions. WDPT gives top priority to proper spiritual growth and development with prophetic insight in building the TOTAL MAN. Therefore, individuals are challenged to demonstrate an understanding of knowledge, skill, and effectiveness as a Kingdom believer.

Prophet Ricky R. & Elect Lady Evonite Smith indelibly imprint in a  progressive and revelatory spiritual insight into the minds of their spiritual sons and daughters with Kingdom principals that forever change the course of destinies. Their teachings have liberated captives, rescued those perishing, and provided an oasis for those in desert places, renewed solidarity and singleness of vision among “people”. Their simplicity approach of biblical teachings has profound results to soar, to excel, and to elevate minds to – Think the unthinkable- Dream the impossible – Redefine borders and Challenge obstacles!

As chosen 21st Century Leaders, Prophet Ricky R. & Evonite Smith partners with state/city officials, corporations, church and civic leaders for more than 12 years to equip and empower individuals to maximize their potential as Kingdom Citizens. He is on the threshold of being a sought-after prophet, preacher, teacher, counselor, and communicator. Elect Lady shares in the same sentiments as being a sought after preacher, teacher psalmist, worshiper and servant of the most high.

By taking heed to the voice of God, they continue to revolutionize thinkers and motivate abilities to bring solutions to spiritual and social problems to effect individuals within the community that will change the world. As Commander in Chief, Prophet Ricky R. Smith, ministerial track record pioneers new frontiers and navigate uncharted courses with precision which executes His directives. Indeed, a man of order and distinction by embracing vision, seizing moments, and taking dominion and authority. Elect Lady Evonite Smith, serves as Second in Command and her track record of servant hood is second to none.

Approximately 21 years ago, the plan and purpose of Ricky R. Smith began under the administration of Pastor C.C. Doss at Love Deliverance Evangelistic Church.  Prophet Ricky R. Smith  heard clarion call about 10 years ago to step out and answer the call as the Visionary of a New Church plant.  The humble beginnings began in the basement of his home in the city of Springfield and the state of Illinois.  The vision was clear but the name of the ministry went through several phases where the name had to be changed.   During his development stages of ministry,  he served in a variety of capacities  in ministry while under the direction  of Pastor CC Doss.  As the journey continued, he sought God and placed his ministry under the fatherly covering  of  Bishop William Hudson III.